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11 Apr 2016

Do you know all your vulnerabilities

Most organisations are aware of a range of risks that they face as they seek to add value to their stakeholders – be they staff, customers or shareholders.

08 Apr 2016

Never too early to be tax-ready

It’s really important to consistently focus on how to improve your personal finances. But good intentions aside, there’s nothing like a deadline and the end of the financial year (EOFY) is one of the key dates to aim for when it comes to tax planning.

08 Apr 2016

What's on the tip of your iceberg?

Looking behind each of these and the many other headlines what becomes clear is the need for focus across the ‘whole of the organisation’, and not just one element of it at any moment in time.

06 Apr 2016

A lesson in Risk Appetite

Disruption is one of today's common buzzwords. The following graphic which has done the rounds of LinkedIn & Twitter demonstrates the power of being a disruptor, putting to one side traditional business models & re-imagining new ones, particularly when you think digital.

04 Apr 2016

Startup tax incentives update

On 16 March 2016, the Government introduced the first draft of the bill into the Parliament and we now have some clearer guidance on the detail of these incentives. In this update, I have summarised the proposed legislation which will be effective from 1 July 2016.

04 Apr 2016

Turning over a new leaf

Kyoto. Copenhagen. Paris. Scenes of major environmental discussions and yet, Paris holds a key difference to its predecessors.

04 Apr 2016

Driving enterprise cost reduction

The critical aspect to understand when analysing the cost structure of an organisation is to view costs as an equation of efficiency rather than a quantum.

31 Mar 2016

Consider your security when buying or selling online

After a spate of recent Police reports concerning goods being bought and sold online, primarily through Gumtree, people are being urged to take caution.

21 Mar 2016

ATO to access insurance policies to identify tax avoidance

The ATO has announced it will be obtaining more than 100,000 lifestyle asset insurance policy details and electronically matching with their existing data to identify non-compliance with registration, lodgement, reporting and payment obligations.

17 Mar 2016

Crowdfunding regulation in Australia

In December 2015, the Minister for Small Business and the Assistant Treasurer, Kelly O’Dwyer, introduced into Federal Parliament legislation covering the government’s proposed crowd-sourced equity funding framework.

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