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03 Aug 2016

Assets test and the aged pension: do new rules affect you?

If you need to live in residential aged care it’s likely you will need to pay aged care fees to cover the costs of your care and accommodation, which will be based on your assets and income.

27 Jul 2016

What does Brexit mean for your SMSF?

The decision made by voters in the United Kingdom (UK) recently to leave the European Union (EU) – known as “Brexit” – has had an immediate and momentous impact on financial markets across the globe.

13 Jul 2016

New rules for selling property over $2M

The government is strengthening its foreign resident capital gains tax (CGT) regime to assist in the collection of foreign residents' CGT liabilities.

13 Jul 2016

Strengthening compliance programs and internal controls

Compliance is most often seen as an inefficient use of resources - having to look back at what has transpired to determine whether or not an organisation has met the required standards imposed.

13 Jul 2016

Why Pokemon Go is no different to growing a business

I’m not a computer gamer. And I never collected Pokemon cards. But Pokemon Go has flooded social media platforms and I have been forced to explore further.

11 Jul 2016

Brexit: A lesson in poor governance?

One of the key aspects of decisions I speak to my clients about is the importance of the 4Rs.

06 Jul 2016

Is your relationship risky?

With the continued reduction of barriers and overhead costs surrounding the outsourcing of business processes and functions, our approach to managing the associated risks facing governance must evolve to meet the changing business environment.

06 Jul 2016

End of Financial Year: A time to review and plan

The end of financial year brings with it more than the opportunity to close off another tax year.

29 Jun 2016

Brexit: Uncertainty is the only Certainty

Whether or not you agree or not with the Brexit result, what we all can agree on is that we are in for some uncertain times ahead.

28 Jun 2016

Brexit - What does it mean and should we be worried?

Readers will be well aware by now that the UK referendum last week on whether to Remain as a member of the European Union (EU) or to Leave did not go the way most analysts and the media thought it would.

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