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Developing and retaining talent

Developing and retaining talent

The organisations that set themselves apart from the rest are those that can develop and, more importantly, retain top talent. A robust recruitment process will separate the wheat from the chaff but from that point it is up to the organisation's internal processes to turn the employee into a star performer of the organisation.

Ironically, one of the key determining factors is something that you will have little control over once an employee joins the organisation.  The culture of the organisation will be the first aspect that drives the ultimate retention outcome for any employee.

Is your organisation's culture one that has been developed by design or default?  Engagement in the organisation is critical to retaining employees and a toxic culture effectively signs off on an employee's resignation letter.

Harnessing the strengths of star employees by having them playing to their strengths, allows them to showcase these strengths which will engage the employee and create 'buy-in'.

If you are not aware of your employee's strengths it would be worth looking at the Gallup StrengthsFinder as a mechanism to find out more and harnessing this powerful retention measure.

Ultimately development and retention will be driven by the guidance and coaching of the leaders within the organisation.  Sadly, this is often lacking or non-existent because it takes time, and time is scarce.  Creating capacity in the leadership team to schedule regular feedback and coaching sessions is essential.

With our PKF Future of Choice advisory service, organisations will be taken through a strategic planning process that encompasses leading a 'culture by design', strengths based analysis and a structured coaching program to enable the organisation to build talent pools, engage star employees and ultimately retain top performers


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