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Achieving your Future of Choice

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Achieving your Future of Choice

We hear too many business owners tell us how hard they work, that they don’t take holidays, they don’t get paid a proper wage, but worst of all that they are not achieving what they set out to achieve when they went into business. We believe that if you are not achieving your goals, you need to ask yourself why you are in business or question how you operate.

For too long advisers working with business owners have put compliance, tax and business at the centre of their advice and often neglected the goals and aspirations of the owners themselves. At PKF we have developed a service model whereby we put you, the owner, and your family at the centre of all we do and work with you to achieve your future of choice, whatever that may be. This starts with understanding what you want to achieve; we do this with our structured discovery meeting designed to uncover and clarify your family goals, explore your current position from a financial and non-financial perspective and develop an action plan to achieve your future of choice. The following diagram provides an overview of our approach to your Future of Choice.


Essentially to achieve your future of choice, you need to ensure a whole of needs approach is taken. Each area above will have a different level of focus depending on the stage of life a family and business is at but no matter where the focus or activity is applied we are always linking things back to the goals you have said you want to achieve. If we don’t then there is a disconnect. You work hard and our aim is to ensure that you achieve your future of choice in the timeframes and manner you desire through proactive advice and guidance.

To assist with communication, safeguarding key documentation and sharing of information we utilise a cloud based technology platform that also pulls live data feeds from market leading data points for real estate property, share markets, investment portfolios, motor vehicles and facility information from a wide variety of banks. This ensures the information supporting and building your future of choice is secure but also up to date and accessible from almost anywhere you have an internet connection.

Having this level of information available to you is a great advantage but it also requires a proactive and collaborative approach from your ‘advisory team’; the people you place your faith in to help you to achieve your future of choice need to discuss your situation regularly, share relevant information and ensure the advice provided is consistent toward what you want to achieve. For too long many advisers have operated in silos but at PKF we believe in a team approach; no duplication, one message, one direction.

We believe our approach is changing the way advice is delivered and produces the Future of Choice our clients desire. If you would like to ensure you achieve your Future of Choice talk to your PKF CRM/Business Adviser, or if you know others that should be doing the same we are very happy to help.


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