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12 Oct 2015

Succession structuring

In theory, the best time to plan for succession is the day the business is established. In reality, we realise that this planning rarely occurs.

07 Oct 2015

Growing your Business: Part 1 - Organic Growth

Nothing ever grows in the comfort zone.

06 Oct 2015

I can’t increase my price!

There is no way I can increase my prices! We would lose customers straight away! Our market is different, we have to have skinny margins!

06 Oct 2015

Identifying inputs to create sustainable growth strategies

Very few business owners actually ask themselves this question. Admittedly, it seems a rather odd question to ask because as we all know, growth is good for a business. Right?

02 Oct 2015

Important changes that might affect your business

Some very significant legislative changes have been implemented recently, and your business could be affected.

23 Sep 2015

Is purchasing property through a shared SMSF a good idea?

I recently encountered a case where two business partners were looking to buy business premises together. They had been told that the best way to do this was to enter a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) with both of them as members and then borrow to purchase and hold the property through the SMSF.

23 Sep 2015

Ten aspirations of running a family business

All businesses seek similar goals. Depending on the stage in the business life cycle, some goals may be more relevant than others.

22 Sep 2015

Looking to support a cause that is close to your heart?

It is great that we live in a country where so many people want to make a difference to those that are less fortunate. But, considering our relatively small population, we must be mindful that there is only so much money and resources to go around. We should aim to maximise all available charity dollars.

22 Sep 2015

Unpacking the dollar

Keeping an eye on the value of the Australian dollar has always been a sensible approach for travellers and it’s something investors should also keep sight of too.

22 Sep 2015

Start now to give your children the best start

Everyone wants the best for their children. Providing a good education is a huge part of preparing them for the best possible future. But as education becomes more expensive, planning and budgeting for these costs become essential.

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