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WA minimum wage increase

WA minimum wage increase

Posted 26 Jun 14

In more pay rate news, The West Australian Industrial Relations Commission has increased the full time adult minimum wage and State Awards by $20 per week. This will increase the minimum full time wage in Western Australia to $665.90 per week from 1 July 2014. All the specific WA State Award wage rates will also increase by $20 per week.

This wage increase applies to employer clients who operate their business through an entity other than a company i.e. those who do not come under the Fair Work Act.

This decision follows the recent three per cent increase to the national minimum wage by the Fair Work Commission.

Industrial relations and employment rules are increasingly complex, with the Western Australian State Government and Fair Work regimes operating separate to one another. Employer clients may be unsure as to which of these systems their employees are paid under. There may even be multiple entities involved in your business structure that require different treatments.

If you are an employer in Western Australia and have any queries regarding pay rates for your employees or industry awards, then please call our resident employment consultant, Adam Kent at the PKF Lawler Perth office on (08) 6272 6888.

We will help you determine if these changes affect your business.

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