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Get set for a 3 per cent wage increase

Get set for a 3 per cent wage increase

Posted 06 Jun 14

On Wednesday, the Fair Work Commission announced a 3% increase to minimum wages.

This increase will apply from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2014 and applies to employees that get their pay rates from the national minimum wage under Fair Work.

In Western Australia, this affects 'constitutional company' employers who are under Fair Work and that also includes trust clients that have a company trustee.

Other WA employing entities such as sole traders or partnerships are still under the state government industrial relations awards and rates.

The new national minimum wage will be $640.90 per week or $16.87 per hour. The national minimum wage applies to employees who aren't covered by a specific Fair Work modern award or agreement.

Industry modern awards and rates have not yet been updated by Fair Work but this typically happens around the end of June each year. Most employees are covered by a specific award and these rates are also set to increase by 3%.

Whether you are under Fair Work nationally or another type of business entity and under the old State based system.

If you are an employer in Western Australia and have any queries regarding pay rates for your employees or industry awards, then please call our resident employment consultant, Adam Kent at the PKF Lawler Perth office on (08) 6272 6888.

For employers in all other states, please contact your PKF Lawler accountant.

We will help you determine if these changes affect your business.



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