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Cultural Diversity the new buzz

Cultural Diversity the new buzz

Posted 27 Nov 14

What is it?

Well we know that Australia does have one of the most diverse workforces. But statistics have also shown that one in five Australians has experienced race-based discrimination in the workplace. Research also shows that businesses that manage cultural diversity enjoy enormous benefits including:

enhanced business performance and productivity

  • increase in innovate and creative thinking
  • savings in both time and money
  • reduced risk
  • better staff health and wellbeing
  • greater employee commitment and team performance
  • larger market share and
  • better customer and client satisfaction

How and why should it be measured?

Well one would be right in thinking how I do then go about measuring it if I am interested?

The Australian Human Rights Commission has launched a new tool that can not only help with your assessment, but also lists best practice standard and three options that provide examples that demonstrate the standard for organisation.

It is recommended that the tool is completed with group of employees from different cultural backgrounds and different areas of your organisation to bring a broader range of expertise and perspectives to the process.

At the end of the process you will receive an automatically generated, confidential report that will show your organisation's results against each of the sections and allow you to input your comments, links and actionable items. You can also then customise the report with your company logo and save or print the report as required.


Where to from here?

We have no idea what the next wave will be...but let's just ride out this one!

We hope that at least after the assessment you will have a better understanding of the diversity in your workplace and how to achieve cultural harmony.

If you would like more information speak to your adviser and here are some more links to keep you going..


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