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06 05 2019

Quarterly Insights: Australian Healthcare Equipment and Services March 2019

PKF Melbourne Corporate Finance is pleased to present the Healthcare Equipment and Services Insights for the March 2019 quarter, including a review of key mergers and acquisitions activity in the industry.

06 05 2019

Whistleblowing In The Boardroom l Part 2

Read on for Part 2 of Whistleblowing in the Boardroom.

02 05 2019

AASB 16 Leases - What Is The Impact?

Under the new leasing standard, entities will be required to recognise on the balance sheet the liability relating to all leases (including those formerly classified as operating leases) along with associated right of use assets (ROUs) for each of these leases.

02 05 2019

Independence Perception VS Reality - Time To Close The Gap

It is imperative that audit firms, and audit committees, work together to safeguard against any conflicts of interest that could impair independence, even if this is perceived, rather than real or actual.

02 05 2019

Insight From The Audit And Assurance Leadership Group

We strive to achieve this promise to our clients: your local Partner will always work closely with you, tapping into national expertise that delivers new and innovative ways to address problems and create solutions.

02 05 2019

What’s “Special” About The End Of Special Purpose Financial Statements?

The Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) is currently tackling one of the biggest financial reporting issues facing Australian companies at the moment. A lot of companies are hearing things along the lines of “you will all need to prepare general purpose financial statements” and “the end of special purpose financial statements is coming!”. But it is not necessarily all doom and gloom. PKF can help you clear the clouds on the pending amendments and provide insight into the real changes and how will they affect you.

02 05 2019

The Business of Entertainment

Equally applicable to both business and film production, having a strong, balanced and cohesive team to navigate through the myriad of contracts, finance requirements, people management and other administrative matters is critical for success.

15 04 2019

Large company thresholds for ASIC reporting have increased

On 4 April 2019 the Corporations Regulations were amended to increase the thresholds for those companies who are considered ‘large’ for the purpose of lodging financial reports with ASIC. The changes have doubled the thresholds in an attempt to ease the financial reporting burden on private companies and come into effect from 1 July 2019.

21 03 2019

The cost of compliance – can you afford not to comply?

Whilst the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act (AML/CFT Act) has been in force for almost two decades, compliance with this law and its rules has never been more important for the club industry. Regulator AUSTRAC has made the club industry aware that moving forward, they will have an increased focus on compliance by the industry to adhere to the AML/CTF rules.

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